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Public & Products Liability Services in Australia

What is Liability cover? A Standalone Property policy aimed at Industrial Special Risks is one similar example. If there are claims for third party property damage or injury due to acts of negligence while conducting daily activities, public liability insurance comes in handy. Product liability insurance is able to reimburse you in such situations. For medium to large businesses, a standalone products liability cover is an ideal option as they have greater exposure than small-to medium enterprises (SME’s).

Extensions such as Product Recall (limited) expenses, Third Party Financial Loss (limited) as well as Errors and Omissions cover can be included in Liability Insurance policies.

Public Liability Insurance
Products Liability

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

To operate a successful business, strategy as well as proper insurance cover are essential. This is because unforeseen circumstances can halt productive work. This is where Public Liability Insurance comes in handy.

Public Liability insurance aims to offer protection and support to businesses. In circumstances where your company faces a claim for damage sustained by clients, delivery individuals or members of the public due to your business activities, business liability insurance covers such costs.

Businesses such as construction companies are usually required to have liability insurance. Though not mandatory for all businesses, it is highly recommended to get business liability insurance. Property damage or personal injury that a third party suffers due to the negligent activities of a business can incur costly claims. Products liability insurance assists you in such tricky situations, allowing your business to continue its smooth functionality. offers reliable insurance solutions that are well suited to your business requirements.

What Is Products Liability Insurance?

For businesses producing items of sale to the public, it is advisable to have product liability insurance to protect your business. Property damage or personal injury made due to the product sold by your company to a customer can incur costly claims. It is important to have your business covered for such possibilities so that your business functions do not come to a grinding halt.

Products liability covers compensations that you may be required to pay to a third party. Moreover, it can also cover the costs of your defence such as legal fees. It is important to understand that this insurance type covers only third claims and not ones made by your employees. ensures that as businesses open up again, they are not left vulnerable in already unsteady circumstances. Our experts understand your needs before offering suitable solutions. We offer product liability insurance at competitive prices in Australia.

Products Liability

Public & Products Liability Insurance at Business AU Online

At Business AU Online, we aim for providing customized policies to ensure the maximum benefits for our clients. Have a question regarding your business liability insurance options? Talk to our friendly experts today.

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