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Different social media platforms help in connecting several people from around the world. However, they are so much more than that. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, each platform presents an opportunity to grow your business by advertising to the right audience at the right time. To encash such opportunities for business growth, you need an efficient social media marketing agency by your side.

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Social Media Marketing Services:

originality is everything. Our advertising experts craft ad copies relevant to your business that will pull in more customers. One of the most important factors in social media marketing is the platform on which you choose to advertise as each social media platform works differently. Hence, an ad campaign for your business on facebook will slightly differ from the ad campaign on Instagram. While conducting your social media advertising campaign, understanding your target audience is essential for business success. This ensures that you are investing your resources to advertise your business to individuals who are highly likely to desire your services. We, at, ensure that your business gets leads that convert to sales.

Factors we consider while targeting the appropriate customers for Social Media Advertising:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Subjects of interest for customers
  • Different groups that your target customers are a part of
  • Employment
  • Profiles of your competitors.
  • Competitors’ customer profiles and many more.
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Which Social Media Platforms do we advertise on?

Our social media marketing services include several platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In Australia, one of the biggest online platforms is Facebook with approximately three-quarters of Australians enjoying the connection with friends, family and other groups of interest. Facebook advertising has become one of the best was to promote services. Our advertising experts ensure that the allocated budget is used in an efficiently productive manner to produce results.

Instagram is another major avenue to advertise to potential customers. Instagram advertising is an effective method for increasing the inflow of new customers. Due to the ease of functioning, Instagram has become an engaging social media platform.This ease of engagement translates to lower costs per conversion as compared to Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Services

LinkedIn – A professional social media platform for Advertising

This platform enables you to create positive professional relations with other businesses. LinkedIn is the perfect place to establish your brand awareness as well as lead generation due to their efficient UI and their ad platform. LinkedIn advertising consists of locating your potential clients via the common factors listed above as well as other unique factors such as:

  • Company / Industry
  • Job title
  • Position / Seniority
  • Specific groups

Why Choose BusinessAU for Social Media Management Services?

  • Industry experts crafting your customised targeting strategy.
  • Your business page gets increased traffic
  • Increase in sales and leads
  • Higher return on investment
  • Expanding the scope of your business
  • LinkedIn Ad Copy like Lead Gen Ads, InMail, or reach ads
  • Videography / Creative graphics

As a professional social media agency, our priority at is always your business success.

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